Rewrite was born on the east coast of Australia, so you could say that the ocean is in our DNA.

But you don’t need sand in your toes to realise how badly plastic is polluting our waterways. Today, there is more plastic being produced than ever, as annual production is expected to double from 381 million tonnes to 762 by 2034.

Though we wish we could say otherwise, that plastic isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Instead, it’s being dumped into landfill, scattered throughout bushland, and left to eventually float out to sea.

We weren’t going to stand by and let this happen without doing our bit to flip the script. So we decided to help clear the ocean of plastic, while taking on one of its biggest contributors: the stationery industry.

How? By crafting pens out of 100% recycled ocean plastic. Working with ocean cleanup programs across Southeast Asia, ReWrite exists to combat plastic pollution in our waterways by creating writing instruments that are unique, high-quality, and easily introduced into a circular economy.

As we like to put it, we transform waste into words.


Hey, we’re Lachy and Adam. We’re not here to chew your ear off with two life stories in their entirety, but we did want to introduce ourselves.

Like a lot of Australians who grew up on the east coast, the ocean means a lot to us. So as we started to see plastic pollution get worse and worse in waterways around the world, we put our heads together to figure out how we could help.

The thing is, as we were jotting down notes and sketching ideas while trying to work out a solution, we realised we were using a product that directly contributed to the problem – the humble pen. The rest, as they say, is Rewrite.

Honestly though, we’re just two regular people doing our best to bring an idea to life that we think can make a difference. And this section of the website about ‘Our People’ should really be about you, the people that buy these pens, that partner with us, that help us in any way possible to write a better story for the planet and its people.

So, it’s nice to meet you. Let’s put pen to paper.

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